My name is Scott Schroder. Condensing my life into a single sentence, I grew up nowhere in particular, got kicked out of lots of schools, found punk rock, travelled ceaselessly and aimlessly, did forest defense and timber sale appeals, got strung out, kicked, did performance art and experimental music, and wrote throughout the entire ordeal.

In addition to pursuing a panoply of obscure creative endeavors, I am a climate change and biodiversity activist. I also toil through college courses in hopes of someday conducting meaningful research.

Work that appears here was created between 2008 and the present and is unified by no theme or purpose; the only consistency to be found is that I made all of it.

The material adheres to the standards of neither art nor science. My aim of course is the integration of these two generally separate domains; however, I am perfectly aware that the more likely result is acceptance within neither and thus obscurity.

I never make anything I do not want to destroy within a week -- this website exists in spite of this inclination.

Ultimately, in addition to pure compulsion, I continue to write and publish out of the conviction that, even if the resultant texts are insignificant or impure in and of themselves, the process of creating them is bringing me ever closer to a critical threshold beyond which I will begin to write what is necessary: I want to speak truth.

These words are my attempt at liberation.

I am interested in collaborations of all forms in any conceivable medium -- written, performative, musical -- and encourage correspondence.